Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Cards - DONE

I must have made at least 10 cards on Shutterfly.  Brent has yet to put Publisher on my desktop so I am back to only getting the options that Shutterfly offers they are good but I like to have like 3 different cards and send those out...yeah I have a problem. 

The cards turned out pretty cute - I put 2 of Tater in his baseball glory & then one of Lolly in dance class and then a random one I caught from my phone.  I am happy with them and can't wait for the cards to get here.  Shutterfly is super fast so I'll have them soon and they will be out the door.  I also ordered a travel mug for my dad with the kids pictures on it.  I want one too but figured I'd be good and wait until after Christmas.  My dad is getting the photo of Tater hitting the ball he loves that shot so I think it will be a good gift.  My dad was the dugout dad for Fall Ball so I think it will be a favorite gift. 

Now what to get my sweet Brent for Christmas I am so lacking on good ideas for him.  He REALLY wants an industrial size popcorn popper he can have at the office.  I have looked in to the idea and well still trying to figure it all out.  He'd be floored and so happy. 

I am on the massive hunt for the Baby Alive sip & slurp that Walmart has on sale until Sunday for $10 - 4 different places all out of stock.  Even online.  I will get it for Lolly. 

Tater - he is at a super hard age 8 - he wants crazy things that he will not get an iPhone - hello he is 8 he goes every where with me no phone dude maybe when you get into 5th grade....MAYBE and then he wants legos.  We have more legos than one house needs why must I get him more that will be halfway put together and then tossed in a bucket.  A boy age 8 is a hard gift giving age. 

How is all your Holiday shopping going on this black Friday?

Photo Card

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Insta Friday! October 14th

I am linking up with Life Rearranged - love her InstaFridays! 

Saturday Baseball - I can't beleive I caught the actual hit on my iPhone I am always late at getting the right shot with my phone.  Love this.  Love his face - love that that hit gave us the run to win the game....

This week has a theme - pumpkins - here pumpkins there pumpkins every where pumpkins

Sunday night dinner chicken tortilla soup - oh so fab.  I get the base here....try it you'll love it too.

Monday speech therapy for Tater - play time for Lolly - we picked up pinecones this week the horses were not up to seeing friends. 

Me board waiting for Tater at pick up I need a new book for my kindle got any recs? 

Tater climbing a mound of crap to get to his soccer ball - to play a little soccer with the girls next door. Can you beleive all that stuff. There is Christmas decorations JBF stuff - just stuff you gots to have in a garage

Oh the love I have for this stuff  - I want a can in every color.... check out this craft at Lil Blue Boo.  Love her blog - read it love her too. 

Princess Pumpkin for the school contest - she needs a face worthly of a princess I have not yet come up with one -  they are due next week....

Be still my heart she colors he reads to her - Awwwww

Hello Kitty Pumpkin - well this one was much easier than that pink princess pumpkin.  Might turn this one in instead of pink princess.  As it's Friday & well she still has no face - hubby likes this one too.

If you Instagram please feel free to follw me - jeana419

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pinterest Thursday

It's Pinterest Thursday!

I did a hair Pinterest it came from this blog - she is really good. 

It was easy I have a ton of thick long hair. I have been wearing it in a french braid since braids are all the style.  It's easy and looks nice. Plus the next day when I take it down I have great beachy wavy hair so it's a win-win. 

All you do it style your hair, pull half of it back and secure it with a clear band.  And then take small amount of your hair from one side and pint it over the pony.  Then repeat this on the other side.  Do this until you are happy with the look.  I really liked this and it was nice. 

Now the photo well my 4 year old took it as she was the only one home with me. It's really hard to take a photo of the back of your head so that is why Lolly got recruited to help a Momma out.  So well it's not the best but it will do.   

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Send in the coffee - tea - Cherry Coke - something

Lolly is a horrible sleeper. She is 4 and still doesn't sleep through the night.  Yeah it sucks. 

There are nights I will have that feeling in your gut that someone is watching you - yep it's Lolly standing next to my side of the bed just standing there in the dark looking at you.  Scares the crap out of you.  As soon as you open your eyes she will say "I love you Mommy" I need a kiss with her lips already puckered up.  It was cute the first 12 times now not so much. 

Or there is the I have to go tee-tee wake up...It goes like this....Bedroom door SLAMMING open - you hear in a very loud Lolly voice "I have to go tee-tee" Scares the crap out of you...Your bathroom door slamming open, the pottoy lid slamming open, the Dora potty seat slamming on to the potty.  Then there will be the grunting and then the trickle of about 5 drops of tee-tee.  And then the throwing of the Dora potty seat against the shower and then hitting the ground.  The slamming of the potty closed.  The flush.  The slamming of the bathroom door.  The slamming of my bedroom door.  Ahhhh quiet but you are now wide awake.  Oh wait for it...The slamming OPEN of the bedroom door again the walking of Lolly to MY side of the bed - mommy I need you to cover me up.  I drag my lazy butt out of bed, kiss and cover her up.  Crawl back into bed - kick hubby for good measure becase well he has slept through all this slamming.  Try to fall back asleep and as you do only to be woken up at least an hour or two later with the whole I have to tee tee slamming dance. 

Some nights it's just I need you to cover me.  No matter what I do the child will wake up 4 times a night.  AND she DOESN'T nap.  She is her father's child. 

This past week though the girl has been a sleeping fool not waking up in the middle of the night. I have to wake her to get up for Pre-K sleeping until 9 on weekends - ahhh YES. 


Yeah well that all came to a SLAMMING hault last night.  Girl was up 4 different times, tee tee, change her PJ's she was HOT, change her PJ's again she was cold, tee-tee & change her PJ's because she peed on them while getting on the potty. And I never really went back to sleep last night my brain would not turn off = me a walking zombie. 

Send Starbucks, Cherry Coke, Tea - well lots of Cherry Coke. 

Oh I want this just for today.... Pink Cherry coke shirt - woo hoo

Monday, October 10, 2011

yum yum yum BBQ Pork Sandwiches

On the menu BBQ Pork Sandwiches

I sort of followed the Family Circle recipe. I didn't make the coleslaw (yuck)

1 boneless pork loin roast - cut in half leangth wize (I didn't do this)
1 1/4 cups your favorite BBQ sauce
8 hamburger buns

1.  Place roast into your slow cooker and cover with 1 - 2 cups of water.  Cover & cook on high 3 hours or on low for 5 hours. Ours was ready in about 4 1/2 hours.

2. Remove pork from water & toss that water and then trim off any fat.  Take 2 forks and shred the pork into bite size pieces. I did this in a seprate bowl. You could so it in your slow cooker but I am the queen of dirty everything you come near in the kitchen

3.  Add the BBQ sauce and stir everything togther. 

4. Place heaping piles onto buns and top with pickles and if you like onions. Enjoy while it's still warm. You could even toat the buns if you wanted.  So yummy

Tater & Lolly don't like BBQ sauce (how is that we are Texans) So they just got the meat and a side of green beans on their plates oh and ketsup.  This meal was scooped up so fast.  I'll be adding this meal into the monthly rotation.

BBQ Pork sandwich - so good

Leftovers yum

Friday, October 7, 2011


I am linking up with Life Rearranged for INSTAFRIDAY!

Monday is therapy for Tater so Lolly & I mess around in her yard she has 2 horses and lots of land to walk around.

My very favorite Lisa Leonard bracelet broke - but they are going to fix it -
Baseball practice - these two had a great time together

We celebrated 9 years this week - he bought me fancy smanchy shoes...

And dinner in the crock pot - yes

Field Trip to the pumpkin patch

That is all I have this week - if you want to follow me via Instagram I'm jeana419 so so creative I know...

My House Fall decorations....

I love all Holidays - I love to decorate my house for each & every one.  My kids love it.  It's fun plus a good reason to shop to find cute things for my house.  So here is what my house looks like


Mantel up close - I found most of this stuff at Marshall's - they still have a great selection.  Hubby says he can't find 2 of my Halloween boxes in the attic.  I think he just gave up it was too hot up there.  Fall has yet to hit TX!

Here is my entry way
Up close of the items on my table the 3 pumpkin guy that says "boo' lights up it's super cute at night.  The other pumpkin lights up too but I forget to turn him on a lot

These guys sit on the landing of our steps.  I made the topiary last year there are even purple light inside. 

Next to the TV

The Outside

 And a Spider climbing the side of the house
Thanks for checking out my house

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pinterest Thursday - Halloween Bottle

There are many free printables off of Pinterest. So I searched out a few.  I took an old Bailey's bottle that I got from my parents house last weekend.  It had expired in 2008 - WHAT - They don't even drink no idea why they had it but in trying to make room for something in the fridge I came across the black bottle - SCORE! 

Here is the before -

I printed the label, cut it out, a little bit of Modge Podge and it was done and it looks pretty cool on my mantel. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pinterest Thursday - Monsters Jars

It's time for another Pinterest Project.  I found this project here.  So we went to town with our tissue paper & mason jars. 

I had hot pink & blue paper so well that would work Lolly loves pink & Tater loves blue really I could not go wrong here. 

Any jars
tissue paper
modge podge (MP)
black sharpie

So paint your MP on to your jar just a thin coat really - also don't do what I did...I stuck my hand in the jar and painted the whole thing with the MP - well you really need 2 hands to lay the tissue paper on to the jar to make a flat surface. Not funny at the time now very funny.

Once you have a good coat then lay your tissue paper onto the jar.  Again don't follow my foot steps and try to move the tissue paper around ... it tears..where you place it is where you place it.  Which is fine you can go back and add more paper.  I ripped the blue paper I can not tell you how many times because I was all I can do this and would try to move it - DON'T move it.  I pre-did this part for my kids.  While Caden is old enough to do this (8) he doesn't like it when his hands get sticky and it throws him into a tail spin so I just did all this ahead of time. 

Then cover the bottom and the lip of the jar.

Once you have the jar covered in the tissue paper do one more coat of the MP all over the jar just to be safe.  

I gave my jars like 3 days to dry it was a very humid week here.  As you can see I have notime to wait I want to go, go, go and was having to come up with ways to get them to dry....

Get your sharpie in hand a paint on your faces. The kids got to pick their faces & got to color them on all by them selves. 

It was a fun project and both kids loved it so a huge success!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

JBF Sale Fort Worth

Today is drop off for JBF Fort Worth from 4-10 tonight.  I am going to be brave and take both kids with me to drop off.  This one is HUGE.  It's at Will Rogers you have to pay to park big deal.  HUGE - BIG awesome stuff.  Great deals.  I always shop the half price sell at Ft Worth.  Such good deals.  It runs 2 full weekends.  I'm also working inspection & breakdown.  Yeah I'm craxy. 

I have not consigned here is years.  The last time I did it was a horrible mess so I just stuck with Grapevine.  I love Grapevine but hey the fall sale was in July - so all my stuff was ready to go still packed from pick up so I went though my stuff that didn't sell in Grapevine, sprayed it all with Downy Wrinkle Release. I let it all dry & did a repack - 1 suitcase, 1 laundry basket & 1 diaper box - not too much stuff. Unlike the Grapevine sell that was 2 XL suitcases, 4 laundry baskets 4 diaper boxs plus Mr. Workaholic's truck completly full. 

Here is my trunk all full & there is still room -

I have my fingers crossed for $100 I am working 12 hours so I get a better commission rate to make that $100.  Go buy my stuff so I don't have to do pick up. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pinterest project Wednesday

Today I embarked on an easy pintrest project. As I am trying to make/do something I have found on Pinterest at least once a week so today is Squishy bag day

I wanted to make something for Tater. So I did some searching and found one that I though might work for him and his spelling homework. The idea originally came from here.

Things you need:
Gallon size bag
Hair gel
Glue Gun

How to make it:
Dump the hair gel into the bag. I used about 90% of the hair gel. I bought blue since it's his favorite color. Sprinkled some glitter inside and mix around to distribute the glitter and then seal it closed with your glue gun and there you go. Can you see my "J".  We will see how he likes it....

UPDATE: Tater didn't like it at all for spelling he just liked squishing it...until it popped a hole - so not so fun.