Thursday, September 22, 2011

JBF Sale Fort Worth

Today is drop off for JBF Fort Worth from 4-10 tonight.  I am going to be brave and take both kids with me to drop off.  This one is HUGE.  It's at Will Rogers you have to pay to park big deal.  HUGE - BIG awesome stuff.  Great deals.  I always shop the half price sell at Ft Worth.  Such good deals.  It runs 2 full weekends.  I'm also working inspection & breakdown.  Yeah I'm craxy. 

I have not consigned here is years.  The last time I did it was a horrible mess so I just stuck with Grapevine.  I love Grapevine but hey the fall sale was in July - so all my stuff was ready to go still packed from pick up so I went though my stuff that didn't sell in Grapevine, sprayed it all with Downy Wrinkle Release. I let it all dry & did a repack - 1 suitcase, 1 laundry basket & 1 diaper box - not too much stuff. Unlike the Grapevine sell that was 2 XL suitcases, 4 laundry baskets 4 diaper boxs plus Mr. Workaholic's truck completly full. 

Here is my trunk all full & there is still room -

I have my fingers crossed for $100 I am working 12 hours so I get a better commission rate to make that $100.  Go buy my stuff so I don't have to do pick up. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pinterest project Wednesday

Today I embarked on an easy pintrest project. As I am trying to make/do something I have found on Pinterest at least once a week so today is Squishy bag day

I wanted to make something for Tater. So I did some searching and found one that I though might work for him and his spelling homework. The idea originally came from here.

Things you need:
Gallon size bag
Hair gel
Glue Gun

How to make it:
Dump the hair gel into the bag. I used about 90% of the hair gel. I bought blue since it's his favorite color. Sprinkled some glitter inside and mix around to distribute the glitter and then seal it closed with your glue gun and there you go. Can you see my "J".  We will see how he likes it....

UPDATE: Tater didn't like it at all for spelling he just liked squishing it...until it popped a hole - so not so fun. 

Sell by date vs use by date....

In my world the sell by date = the use by date... plain and simple.  I don't go by that the item is still good 5 days after said date.  It is bad come midnight on said date no ifs, ans or buts.  It is BAD!  This rule was set in stone in my mind when growing up all the food in our fridge would be bad.  It's just my mom - she doesn't toss stuff until it's W A Y past the date.  And yeah there have been some McNasty things in that fridge. 

So I have these school bus cookies that we bought at back to school time they came with 2 box tops - dude that is big time.  So I think hey I need to make those cookies this week - what a good afternoon treat on Friday.  Nope not gonna happen they go bad today 9/21/11 - so what am I doing right now - backing a whole bunch of school bus cookies that Tater & Lolly can have after school today.  But I promise you one thing come bedtime tonight those cookies will be going in the trash because they turn into trash come midnight tonight.