Saturday, July 30, 2011

First Post Ever

So I've decided to get into this blogging thing.  Why not everyone else is doing it right.  I can do this. 
I'm creative.
I'm funny - well I think so anyway.
I like to craft.
I like - no scratch that I LOVE to shop. 
So why not I have nothing to loose. 

My name is Jeana - well really it's a nickname but I've always gone by it.  I don't know anything else.  So yeah I have a name - I'm a wife.  A mom.  I'm a dog owner.  And an employee. 

I have 2 kids: a boy - Tater Tot - Tater for short (7) and a girl - Lollypop she goes by Lolly (4).  2 dogs: a pug - Press who is 4 million years old he's deaf & going blind but is 100% healthy to the demise of my dear sweet husband and then we have an American Bulldog - Stella who is 5. 

I am addicted to JBF - Just Between Kids a children's resale I work the Midcities/Grapevine sale.  Love it get great deals & make TONS of money.  The sale is next week so that is my life for the next week and a half.  So I will share all my hints and tips on reselling kids clothes this week.  My goal each sale is to make at least $500 the last sale I made $958.  YEA.