Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Cards - DONE

I must have made at least 10 cards on Shutterfly.  Brent has yet to put Publisher on my desktop so I am back to only getting the options that Shutterfly offers they are good but I like to have like 3 different cards and send those out...yeah I have a problem. 

The cards turned out pretty cute - I put 2 of Tater in his baseball glory & then one of Lolly in dance class and then a random one I caught from my phone.  I am happy with them and can't wait for the cards to get here.  Shutterfly is super fast so I'll have them soon and they will be out the door.  I also ordered a travel mug for my dad with the kids pictures on it.  I want one too but figured I'd be good and wait until after Christmas.  My dad is getting the photo of Tater hitting the ball he loves that shot so I think it will be a good gift.  My dad was the dugout dad for Fall Ball so I think it will be a favorite gift. 

Now what to get my sweet Brent for Christmas I am so lacking on good ideas for him.  He REALLY wants an industrial size popcorn popper he can have at the office.  I have looked in to the idea and well still trying to figure it all out.  He'd be floored and so happy. 

I am on the massive hunt for the Baby Alive sip & slurp that Walmart has on sale until Sunday for $10 - 4 different places all out of stock.  Even online.  I will get it for Lolly. 

Tater - he is at a super hard age 8 - he wants crazy things that he will not get an iPhone - hello he is 8 he goes every where with me no phone dude maybe when you get into 5th grade....MAYBE and then he wants legos.  We have more legos than one house needs why must I get him more that will be halfway put together and then tossed in a bucket.  A boy age 8 is a hard gift giving age. 

How is all your Holiday shopping going on this black Friday?

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