Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pinterest Thursday - Monsters Jars

It's time for another Pinterest Project.  I found this project here.  So we went to town with our tissue paper & mason jars. 

I had hot pink & blue paper so well that would work Lolly loves pink & Tater loves blue really I could not go wrong here. 

Any jars
tissue paper
modge podge (MP)
black sharpie

So paint your MP on to your jar just a thin coat really - also don't do what I did...I stuck my hand in the jar and painted the whole thing with the MP - well you really need 2 hands to lay the tissue paper on to the jar to make a flat surface. Not funny at the time now very funny.

Once you have a good coat then lay your tissue paper onto the jar.  Again don't follow my foot steps and try to move the tissue paper around ... it tears..where you place it is where you place it.  Which is fine you can go back and add more paper.  I ripped the blue paper I can not tell you how many times because I was all I can do this and would try to move it - DON'T move it.  I pre-did this part for my kids.  While Caden is old enough to do this (8) he doesn't like it when his hands get sticky and it throws him into a tail spin so I just did all this ahead of time. 

Then cover the bottom and the lip of the jar.

Once you have the jar covered in the tissue paper do one more coat of the MP all over the jar just to be safe.  

I gave my jars like 3 days to dry it was a very humid week here.  As you can see I have notime to wait I want to go, go, go and was having to come up with ways to get them to dry....

Get your sharpie in hand a paint on your faces. The kids got to pick their faces & got to color them on all by them selves. 

It was a fun project and both kids loved it so a huge success!!!