Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tater's 8th Birthday Party

He wants Pokemon Black vs White- (boo hiss) I wanted Star Wars (again) hey I have great ideas.  But being the bigger person "I" didn't even try to talk him into Star War which I'd normally do he's such a good boy just goes where momma directs him.  Well this year I didn't put up a fight but OH MY GOSH there is nothing fun/cute Pokemon out there....
Etsy - NADA
Pinterest - NADA
Party City - yeah yeah yeah the typical stuff. 

I sucked it up and bout all the invites plates & napkins from some place online that had the best prices.  But still I can't even bring myself to open the box that got here yesterday.  I need to grow up and get excited & well plan where we are going to have this all boys shin-dig. 

If you know of anything fun Pokemon or a great birthday place for an 8 year old let me know or we will be at Putt Putt again 3rd year in a row.