Friday, October 14, 2011

Insta Friday! October 14th

I am linking up with Life Rearranged - love her InstaFridays! 

Saturday Baseball - I can't beleive I caught the actual hit on my iPhone I am always late at getting the right shot with my phone.  Love this.  Love his face - love that that hit gave us the run to win the game....

This week has a theme - pumpkins - here pumpkins there pumpkins every where pumpkins

Sunday night dinner chicken tortilla soup - oh so fab.  I get the base here....try it you'll love it too.

Monday speech therapy for Tater - play time for Lolly - we picked up pinecones this week the horses were not up to seeing friends. 

Me board waiting for Tater at pick up I need a new book for my kindle got any recs? 

Tater climbing a mound of crap to get to his soccer ball - to play a little soccer with the girls next door. Can you beleive all that stuff. There is Christmas decorations JBF stuff - just stuff you gots to have in a garage

Oh the love I have for this stuff  - I want a can in every color.... check out this craft at Lil Blue Boo.  Love her blog - read it love her too. 

Princess Pumpkin for the school contest - she needs a face worthly of a princess I have not yet come up with one -  they are due next week....

Be still my heart she colors he reads to her - Awwwww

Hello Kitty Pumpkin - well this one was much easier than that pink princess pumpkin.  Might turn this one in instead of pink princess.  As it's Friday & well she still has no face - hubby likes this one too.

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