Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Send in the coffee - tea - Cherry Coke - something

Lolly is a horrible sleeper. She is 4 and still doesn't sleep through the night.  Yeah it sucks. 

There are nights I will have that feeling in your gut that someone is watching you - yep it's Lolly standing next to my side of the bed just standing there in the dark looking at you.  Scares the crap out of you.  As soon as you open your eyes she will say "I love you Mommy" I need a kiss with her lips already puckered up.  It was cute the first 12 times now not so much. 

Or there is the I have to go tee-tee wake up...It goes like this....Bedroom door SLAMMING open - you hear in a very loud Lolly voice "I have to go tee-tee" Scares the crap out of you...Your bathroom door slamming open, the pottoy lid slamming open, the Dora potty seat slamming on to the potty.  Then there will be the grunting and then the trickle of about 5 drops of tee-tee.  And then the throwing of the Dora potty seat against the shower and then hitting the ground.  The slamming of the potty closed.  The flush.  The slamming of the bathroom door.  The slamming of my bedroom door.  Ahhhh quiet but you are now wide awake.  Oh wait for it...The slamming OPEN of the bedroom door again the walking of Lolly to MY side of the bed - mommy I need you to cover me up.  I drag my lazy butt out of bed, kiss and cover her up.  Crawl back into bed - kick hubby for good measure becase well he has slept through all this slamming.  Try to fall back asleep and as you do only to be woken up at least an hour or two later with the whole I have to tee tee slamming dance. 

Some nights it's just I need you to cover me.  No matter what I do the child will wake up 4 times a night.  AND she DOESN'T nap.  She is her father's child. 

This past week though the girl has been a sleeping fool not waking up in the middle of the night. I have to wake her to get up for Pre-K sleeping until 9 on weekends - ahhh YES. 


Yeah well that all came to a SLAMMING hault last night.  Girl was up 4 different times, tee tee, change her PJ's she was HOT, change her PJ's again she was cold, tee-tee & change her PJ's because she peed on them while getting on the potty. And I never really went back to sleep last night my brain would not turn off = me a walking zombie. 

Send Starbucks, Cherry Coke, Tea - well lots of Cherry Coke. 

Oh I want this just for today.... Pink Cherry coke shirt - woo hoo

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